For your special company – Fathima Watney

For your special Company

I look across the room
I feel a sense of awe
You walk in my midst
I sense your presence
Some might put it down to shyness
I knew then that you had an innate sense of wisdom
You allowed me a foot into your special company

A man of few words
Yet when you speak, I hear you
You inspire me
Your few chosen words
Impact me – They are powerful
I knew then the value of your special company

Your quiet demeanor, your stillness
It’s the calmness of your energy
That makes me want to be in your special company

Your knowledge, your stance on subjects
Your quiet intelligence
Lets me know
That you live by high standards
Your values, your moral compass, your ethics
Makes me realize
How better off I am now that you have shared your special company

Your aura that surrounds you
Lets me know about your spirituality and the depth of it
You are a man of God; I know that you live your life with his will in mind
This draws me further in – Into your special company

My Inspiration
I take a bow and thank you
For sharing, caring and giving of yourself
So we may all be blessed to be amidst – your very… very special company.

By Fathima Watney


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Not a Memory – For My Father-My first Poem

Not A Memory
For my DAD

The deep fire that burned within my eyes is put out – FOREVER
The sparkle is dead – they say
What do I say to them?
These people who make my anger swell up within my stomach
Ofcourse its gone
Are you gone mad?
Is the whole world gone mad!
Don’t you know my father is dead!!!!

My eyes have lost its vision
I cry within
Suddenly I see no beauty
All I do see, my dear,
beloved Father is what you mean to me
Why they ask?

Am I not a branch of his life?
The reason I am, is he
I am the product of his challenges that he spent so effortlessly so that
I could be

U my darling, will never just be a memory to me
U my father will live within me,
Every moment, Every sacrifice
Every smile, every tear, every challenge that is-
Will be
To honor thee
by Fathima Watney

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Excerpt from Victor E Frankl – Man search for meaning

Don’t aim at sucess- the more you aim at it and make it a target, the more you going to miss it
For success like happiness cannot be pursued it must ensue, and it only does as the unintended side – effect of ones personal dedication to a cause greater than oneself or as a by-product of ones surrender to a person other than oneself
Happiness must happen, and the same holds for success.
YOU have to let it happen by not caring about it
I want you to listen to what your conscience commands you to do and go on to carry it to the best of your knowledge
Then you will live to see that in the long run – in the long run – I say, success will follow you precisely because you forgotten to think of it-

Victor e Frankel – Man’s search for meaning

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My Success at work – Could it be a downfall in marriage?

My father, not  man of weath but a simple man, who said to us, we will give you education, the rest of what you do with your life will take commitment, loyalty, passion, hard work, integity, morals and a really strong heart.  So at that time, I knew that me graduation and sucess will also measure him as a father and I wanted him to know, that he was great dad. I graduated, excelled, and within the first three years – i flew, I was promoted 3 times….wow the look on parents face was priceless.  It pure joy…an amazing gift that they have given that in some way I have given back. This was and remains a special moment.

Years progressed and my dad passed in 2004 – I was gutted!!!!

I think that i would have like him to see how much I progressed in life.

So comimg back to the title – We as women sacrfice family, holidays, sleepless nights to meet deadlines….but somehow my partner felt that if i earned a bigger salary then i was better – no i am not better than you and SO WHAT if earn a bigger salary!!!

But this is never the case, somehow in his mind, he felt that I was making him feel less than.  I thought incredible…I was doing this for us, so we both have a better life.  He felt i was too bossy and in turn i started to become more submissive, I gave him the bank, cards, credit cards – but this still did not work.  I wondered if the responsibilty  was too for him. But I kept quiet.  I wanted my marriage to work so i became more submissive, made sure that our home was beautiful, he had every toy he can imagine, surfboards, paragliders, Kite surfer, bike….I good go on. Slowly over the years my self esteem fell apart…..i was spending weekends in bed….just wanting to be quiet, i just was done with conflict. It was all too exhausting and oneday a few weeks ago, he moved and asked me for a divorce. I agreed because i just did not know, what else i could to show him that loved him and was in love with him. He just wanted out,  but i know that I wish him the very best luck.  We were together for 10 years. We will remain friends. But it still bugs me-everytime I became a little more successful, he broke me down with words and I let him, My mom says that when you do too much for a man, he does not appreaciate it, it become something we meant to do for them. They do appreciate it, its a routine in their mind.

So have any of you had the same problem???? I love to hear your comments.

Be Inspired!!!!

Love you till the end!

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one of my best by khalil Gibran

Let not the wave of the sea’s seperate us now
and the years you have spent in our midst become a memory
You have walked among us a spirit
and your shadow has been a light upon our faces
Much have we loved you
But speechless was our love, and
with veils has it been veiled
Yet now it cries aloud unto you
and would stand revealed before you
And ever has been that love knows not it depth
Until the hour of Seperation
-Khalil Gibran- The Prophet

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August 7, 2012 · 8:51 pm


Today i found myself in place that i found peace that people come into our lives for a reason, season or a lifetime. My conscious knows this….this is not a light-bulb moment in my life but HEY my conundrum of my life was ~being aware that when these people complete their purpose in our life, they move on….but not me….i would find myself day in day out wanting to make these finished projects as i call it….me trying to resuscitate. ..mouth to mouth..the works to make these people stay in my life. But i have found peace today and realised that “that SELF-HOOD IS BEGINS IN THE WALKING AND LOVE IS PROVED IN THE LETTING GO”….i am not sure who wrote this that quote but it something that has stuck with me from the very first day my sister presented a Filofax to me the day i was leaving home into the big big world and inscribed were these words. it stayed with me through the last fifteen years and today it came back to these words.  To say it freed me completely would be outright lie. ITS A DAY TO DAY CHALLENGE THAT I AM STILL TEACHING MYSELF. As humans being, we can be compared to a priceless wine that continuously gets better the older it gets. I once read a book title “THE ROAD LESS TRAVELLED” by DR Scott Peck.  His first line in this brilliant read, the opening words of the book starts with these words…….LIFE IS DIFFICULT… saying right now, well we know this….so what? Well i read thinking the same thing, what u telling me is nothing i don’t know….but i read on…..then he goes on to say….once we realise that life is difficult, we taking away any surprises and negative thoughts cos we accept that life is difficult but in saying this i also interpreted his words and led me to this…..i can either complain and have a pity party or i make a direct effort to never allow life to define me but i define the life i choose to have by the grace of GOD.  FUNNY THING IS I TRY BY BEING SO PRESENT IN MOMENT THAT I HEAR CLEARLY WHAT IT IS I NEED TO REACT AND HEAR OUT HOW I AM BEING GUIDED TO BE THE BEST I CAN BE! CLICHE! NO NOT AT ALL, IF WE LISTEN PROPERLY, WE FIND WHAT SITS WELL IN MY HEARTS AND IN MY WAY BEING!!!

Any thing is possibly in the final analysis….the only thing that is stopping us is one great leap of faith IN GOD AND OURSELVES!

inspiring new ways….are you, really?



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